Sorry, this blog is in Czech only, even if some of the very old posts are in English. It was initially established for me to learn the html, only much later to become a never-visited space for sharing very basic and very uninspiring thoughts of a humanitarian aid worker from the Czech Republic who has worked for more than two decades for a few NGOs and the UN in Chechnya, Ingushetia, Daghestan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, South Sudan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Iraq, mostly with a Norwegian humanitarian organisation named NRC. Currently in the Middle East and employ of an EU member state who dared to issue me with a diplomatic passport. Not much otherwise to write about myself or this blog. Perhaps just that I am always happy to hear from anyone. If you dare, that is.

PS. Some time towards the end of 2021, I have gone silent, no longer capable (or willing) to cope with the increasing self-righteousness in my various virtual social bubbles. I am sure I'll go back to writing here again, as I continue, privately, reflecting on the world around me, but first have to get back to a point where I am convinced that I have something to say without having to suspect myself of just spewing self-righteous nonsense like 99% of others online writers, professional or private, around me. Still happy to hear from anyone though :)